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About Us

Locally-sourced, farm fresh, honest produce delivered straight from the farm to your door, on a weekly basis.

Company Profile

Founders Heinrich Bisschoff and Chris Vosloo started Agrownet as a small farming experiment in 2019 to explore the growing practice of urban farming and growing food in heavily populated areas. To be honest, farming was a natural progression as Heinrich already kept an urban bee farm and Chris had served 2-years as a strawberry farmer in Nelspruit. Pretty quickly they realised they had more to offer than simply the lettuce that they were cultivating at the time. They noticed the growing trend towards the farm-to-table movement and the consequent popularity of farmers markets in towns and cities. An idea sprang to mind: What if they bring the market to the consumer instead?

From there the path was clear. They put together a network of outstanding local, urban farmers and a network of customers. Just like that Agrownet, a ‘growers network’ was born. Enabling urbanites access to farm fresh, honest, locally-sourced, quality produce straight to their door every week.

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